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Haul Outs
Haul Outs

Bell Isle Marina has been hauling hundreds of boats for the past 28 years. Whether you are hauling out for winter storage, repairs, or just a quick survey, you can rest assured that our highly skilled staff will ensure a safe and easy haul-out with our 55- ton Travel Lift. Every winter, Bell Isle Marina stores many boats on the hard. We keep a close watch on our friends’ boats and continue to do routine maintenance and custom work throughout the winter per your request or come DIY.

Haul Outs

Haul Out Rates

Rates include Haul Out, Quick Wash, Cradle/Block, Launch, one move of stands

Travel Lift

  • $12/ft
    • Emergency/After Hours - $24/ft
  • $14/ft for vessels over 40 ft.
    • Emergency/After Hours - $28/ft
  • $7/ft for in-house customers (Min. 6-months)
    • Emergency/After Hours - $14/ft

($2/ft each additional strap)

Fork Lift

  • $9/ftBlock
    • Emergency/After Hours - $18/ft
  • $7/ft - Cradle
    • Emergency/After Hours - $14/ft
Individual Rates:
  • Quick Haul $9/ft - 1-hour of lift, Survey, Quick Repair (Boat stays in Sling/Lift) - $2/ft each add'l strap
  • Hull Cleaning $80/hr - Barnacle Removal - 1 hour minimum (30-min increments thereafter)
  • Quick Wash While on Lift $2/ft - Does NOT include barnacle removal


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